Does Your Roof Need A Roof Replacement?

Are Your Roofs Best Days Behind It? If Your Roof Needs Replacing Then Call An Expert Before It’s To Late!

Are you considering having your roof replaced? At Reliance we have a specialist team dedicated to roof replacement work which means you will receive the highest standards of care and customer service. Typically it is most common to replace an asbestos or galvanised iron.

Does the following apply to your roof?

Watch the videos below to find out if your business might need repairs, restoration or a roof replacement.

If you are in need of a new roof we have a great range of tile and metal roofing options for you.

We have a specialist team dedicated to roof replacement work which is focused on ensuring everything about your new roof from your choice of colours and materials to the quality of the workmanship is to your satisfaction. We offer a wide range of options specific to each individual homeowner including your choice of material, guttering, colour, coatings & insulation.

Do you value a strong warranty and 10 year written guarantee?

At Reliance Roof Restoration we pride ourselves on what we believe is the industries leading guarantee for both roof restoration and roof replacement. We understand that replacing your roof is an important investment in your home. That’s why we make it easier for our customers by guaranteeing our products and workmanship for 10 years. No other roofing company will match our commitment.
‘Reliance Roof Restoration’ guarantees the following for a roof replacement for a full 10 years:

  • Materials used will not crack, tear or “warp”.
  • Materials used will not separate or come loose from the surface(s) they are applied to.
  • Your roof will not leak.
  • Materials used will not rust.
  • Any damage to your home, whether related or unrelated to the works performed on your roof, if proven with clear evidence to be as a result of our works, will be repaired free of charge.
  • This warranty is transferable to any future owner of the property provided ‘Reliance Roof Restoration’ is notified in writing no longer than 90 days after the title transfer.
  • This warranty covers the specific works performed by ‘Reliance Roof Restoration’ only.
Would you like to never have to worry about customer service?

Something of a first in the roofing industry, at Reliance Roofing, each and every member of our staff is trained in customer service and feedback is regularly sort from our customers to ensure our customer’s experience is the best it can be. From talking to over 10,000 of our customers we’ve learned that after job service is one of the most important concerns for many homeowners. This is why we’ve developed a special customer support team in the office and on the road to help ensure our tradespeople and roofing consultants can help resolve any issues or concerns you might have with your roof during the warranty period. We truly believe this is one of the main advantages of Reliance Roofing, our customer service before and after your roof is completed.

What Else Have We Learned From Our Over 10,000 Customers?\

  • An excellent quality of workmanship matters.
  • A company large enough to stand behind our unbeatable 10 year warranty for 10 years gives our customers peace of>
  • A fully licensed and insured company with a strong reputation.
  • Qualified and experienced tradesmen

What does roof replacement cost?

Roof replacement can vary depending on where you are in Australia, Melbourne for example tends to be more expensive than Brisbane & Sydney for roof replacement work, regional centres can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the number of tradesmen in the area. On average however, based on independent market research we have found that asbestos roof replacement tends to be in the $95 to $115 per square metre. For non-asbestos jobs the price tends to be between $85 to $105 per m2 for metal roofing replacement. At Reliance Roofing independent research has shown we are extremely competitive in the “value for money” metric when factoring in price, the level of customer service, quality workmanship and warranties and guarantees. Reliance offers home owners a variety of payment options from bank transfer and credit cards to an interest free financing option.

From as little as $55 per week you could have your roof replaced.

If you were prefer to finance your roof replacement project then you simply need to mention this to one of our friendly estimators or roofing consultants and they will organise for you to apply for an interest free two (2) year finance plan. The benefits are:

  • Choice of payment frequency – weekly, monthly or fortnightly
  • Fast approvals
  • Finance up to $14,000
  • A range of financing terms to suit your budget – up to 24 months
  • One time easy application process – no need to reapply the next time you make a purchase *$55 per week repayment assumes a house size of 120 square metres and a cost of $48 per square metre. FYI the average roof size is between 180 to 220 square metres.

Here’s what other home owners just like you are saying about Reliance Roof Restoration

“Professionalism from the start of the job until the end. Also, a very friendly approach.” Ray Slater “Everyone we dealt with through Reliance was friendly and efficient. We were extremely happy with the service and end result” Bee Efferink “Thank you Reliance for going the extra mile on my roof, Your workers were excellent and they did a great job. If all work was carried out in the way you conduct your business, there would never be any unhappy custumers. I would recommend Reliance to anyone considering a new roof or roof restoration.” Warren Keir


If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.